This year Marlboro introduced its Kindergarten Complement Program (KCP) and it was a huge success.  Due to the favorable outcome, Marlboro will once again offer the program in 2012-13.

You can get detailed information from their website:  Here you will find the application, tuition costs, lottery drawing date and frequently asked questions. 

This program is available to Marlboro residents only and is designed to complement the schools current half-day kindergarten program by providing an additional fours hours of time at the Marlboro Early Learning Center.   

Selection of the five KCP classes will done via one lottery.  If more students apply, a waiting list will also be selected via lottery.  The lottery drawing is being held March 14 at 10 AM at the Marlboro Learning Center and the tuition for the school year is $4,750.

Freehold Township implemented full day kindergarten in September 2004 and has since been well received by parents, teachers and children.  This program took four years to develop and involved researching community trends, gathering input from teachers and studying many curriculum models.  The township gives credit to the community’s support of the school budget and vision of their Board of Education for making this program possible.

As a mother of 2 ½ year old twins, residing in Manalapan Township – I would like to know when Manalapan Township will be offering this program? And hopefully it will be within the next 2 ½ years!